Welcome to my city- Shanghai. My name is Lisa. My hobby was to learn the history of China since I was in University. Since August 2007 I decided to be a tour guide which now my career. I am native Shanghainess. I see Shanghai every day with my eyes transforming. Shanghai gave me the life experience and broaden my horizons. This city charm fascinated me and other people who live in Shanghai.  To this end I am very confident to introduce you to  my city, the  past, present, and future. Modern art, urban culture, cuisine and shopping. You name it.

My philosophy is green tourism. By public transport and your feet, we will discover the charm of this strange city, and it’s  growth story. During the tour  we will slow down the pace, enjoy a cup of delicious coffee or a glass of refreshing beer, if these are not what you want, then a cup of traditional Chinese tea will satisfy your taste . 🙂

I offer custom-made tours for English speakers visiting Shanghai.  Please check out my Shanghai tour offers. You will find three different itineraries for one day tours in Shanghai with  price.  I also offer one day Suzhou tour and one day Hangzhou tour. Please feel free to contact  me .

Attention: if you are going to book two days tour . ( airport  pick up for free )

Airport Shuttle:

  • Pu Dong  Airport Shuttle -300RMB.
  • HongqiaoAirport Shuttle- 200RMB.

Other Service:

  • Interpretation Business
  • Different assistant jobs- ( during fair. business visits, events, negotiations).  Have been working for the German television for five year
  • Car Rent-Activity vehicles, Family car,Commercial vehicles.Book a Tour in Shanghai

Please feel free to contact me if you have any inquire.

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