lwt1Bank Buildings on the Bund: In the 1930’s, with the booming of Shanghai architecture, the Bund sprang up with the bank buildings, which are called “the fair of international architectures”. Different architects design them, but the styles are compatible. Someone says,” they story of the Bund is the story of Shanghai”. The cement buildings on the Bund are telling the past of Shanghai.

oshShanghai Foreign-style houses: There are 4000 to 5000 foreign-style houses in Shanghai; their styles, either classic or modem, vary from European, American, Russian, Spanish to Japanese. These houses, in the shadows of the huge modern buildings will undoubtedly lead you to a sense of history and old culture. Some legends about foreign-style houses will tell you the prosperity of old Shanghai.

skm1Stone-framed Gate Residences: As the cultural symbol of modem Shanghai, stone-framed gate residences can be termed as the prototype of Shanghai residences in the 1930’s. They are the ever-mentioned topic and also a historic landmark of the city. In modern Shanghai history, they have become a unique product and a model that combines Chinese culture & Western culture as well as ancient civilization and modern civilization. There are good examples, such as HuaiHai RD and Fuxing RD. In those venues, a lot of well-know scholars and merchants used to reside. As time passes, the stone-framed gate residences have witnessed all the changes of Shanghai.

blm2Paramount Dance hall: Paramount Dance Hall, so-called “east Broadway”, opened in 1933, magnificent from outside and majestic and splendor from inside with top jazz band and dancing-girls attracted innumerable celebrities. Moreover, though it experienced more than 70 years old of changes. It is still popular with guests and sweet songs.

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The Old Jazz Band Bar: the old jazz band bar is located at peace hotel (north building). The famous band’s performance starts at 8:00 pm every night. The average age of these musicians is 78. They are good at playing the well-know western jazz of the 1930’s and the 1940’s. The familiar and beautiful saxophone from the Peace Hotel reminds you of the old Shanghai and long forgotten story.

yyt1Shanghai Concert Hall: Shanghai concert hall (or Nanjng theatre, as it was known before) opened in 1930 is the first theatre to show foreign movies in Shanghai. In 1959, it was changed to shanghai concert hall. It is a rare example of classic European architecture in Shanghai. Its elegance goes was well with classic music played inside. Its natural sound effect is so good that it obtains not only architectural experts’ approval, but also artists’ recognition. The famous violinists like Lssac Stern, Salvatore Accardo, Pinchas Zukerman; pianists like Alicia de Larrocha, Cong Fu and Philadelphia symphony Orchestra, Hong Kong Orchestra and China symphony Orchestra have been performance one after another in the venue and with great success.

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Duolun Road: Duolun Road used to be a rendezvous place for some well-know figures in the 1930’s. For more than one century, Duolun Road and its nearby roads have witnessed may historic and cultural events of Shanghai. The road is only 550 meters long, but comprehensive. After renovation in recent years, it shows the old atmosphere of Shanghai in 1930s’.

xciSnacks in Yuyuan Garden: Yuyuan Garden is a famous classic garden in Shanghai. It adjoins Old City God’s Temple where snacks are well-know in China. You can taste various snacks from the whole nation and local snacks popular in the 1930’s in Shanghai.

caTeahouse: Shanghai Old Teahouse, in classic and modern style, is a teahouse you can’t miss not only because of its tea, but also because of the site of the near by old buildings. You can appreciate the treasures collected by the boss while enjoying the view of Chinese style shops through the traditional windows.