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The Fengjing ancient town scenic sites include: Eastern District Ancient Firefighting Station, the Ancestral Residence of Cheng Shifa, the Farmer Picture Families Showroom, former site of People’s Commune • Mao Zedong Badges Museum • air-raid shelter, Lv Jiren Painting Gallery, Three-Hundreds Garden – Hundred Basket Hall, Hundred Lantern Hall, Hundred Trades Hall, Ding Cong Cartoon Gallery, Fan Xuesen Gallery, Ding Family Pork-leg Workshop.

ShangHai fengjing-townThe Farmer Paintings Village scenic sites include: Painters’ Family, rural carnival and tourists can participate in the following entertaining items: iron ring goals, water mill cycling, quinquennial piles on water, carrying shoulder poles, rural contests, swings on water, wire-walking, single-plank bridge, crossing suspended bridge, climbing nets, climbing ladders, throwing barrels, throwing tarts, targeting bottles with rings, playing basketball, playing table tennis, moving stone grinder, etc.


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zhujiajiaoLocated in a suburb of ShangHai city, ZhuJiaJiao is an ancient water town well-known throughout the country, with a history of more than 1700 years. Covering an area of 47 square kilometers, the little fan-shaped town glimmers like a bright pearl in the landscape of lakes and mountains.Endowed with another elegant name – ‘Pearl Stream’ – the little town is the best-preserved among the four ancient towns in ShangHai. Unique old bridges across bubbling streams, small rivers shaded by willow trees, and houses with courtyards attached all transport people who have been living amidst the bustle and hustle of the modern big city to a brand-new world full of antiquity, leisure and tranquillity.

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zuozhuang1ZhouZhuang lies at the middle between ShangHai and SuZhou, is an ancient town of kunshan city, jiangsu province, where abounds with rivers and lakes. So it is thought by many to be the best waterside town in china. This ancient town has a history of more than 900 years old with many houses built in the ming and qing dynasties. There are about 100 houses with courtyards, and 60 of them have arch gateways made by carved bricks.

with lakes on four sides, the beauty of zhouzhuang is specially to be found along the waterside lanes and around a number of the stone bridges. A different vista at every turn can be found here. All those make a visit most enjoyable. Also, one can enjoy the fairyland atmosphere of the evenings here when the myriad stars twinkle as though in communication with the glittering lights.

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wuzhenWuZhen, located in the north of ZheJiang province, is embraced by the beijing-hangzhou grand canal with rivers and canals crisscrossing the whole town. For hundreds of years, its residents have been building houses along the rivers and trading near the bridges. The ancient docks, waterside pavilions, and corridors stretch out for miles and erect a romantic atmosphere that is typical to jiang nan water towns. Wu zhen boasts its prosperous past and simple lifestyle. Tongxiang’s unique folk custom, such as boxing boat, hua gu opera with local character, shadow play and gathering pilgrim, show the rich tradition of the locality! WuZhen is famous for its natural beauty and many talented people in history. Since the south dynasty when the prince of liang kingdom-zhao ming once studied here, such literary master as mao dun had left many cultural relics here. If boating around the water network, or lingering in the lanes one can always feel the serenity, peacefulness, and subtle beauty of the jiang nan water town.

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Tongli is an aged town located a short drive from suzhou, which is about a hour drive outside of shanghai. tongli is over 1000 years old and has only recently been changed into a tourist attraction. The town is characterized by stone bridges and well preserved ancient architecture including private gardens, temples and houses.tongli1

15 small river lanes crisscrossed the town, over which spans around 49 stone bridges in variety of styles. Bridges are important parts of the town. the most famous bridges among the 49 bridges in tongli are the three bridges called taiping (peace), jili (luck) and changqing (celebration) bridges, which has been important landmarks of the place and regarded as the sacred architecture by the locals. Whenever there is an important occasion, such as wedding, people would like to walk through the three bridges, which is supposed to bring peace, fortune and happiness in their lives.

buildings well preserved from the ming and qing dynasties standing by the rivers fill the town. The traditional gardens are well worth seeing. The tuisi garden makes a good example. The garden was constructed between 1885 and 1887 by an imperial official. In the garden, pavilions, terraces, halls, rockeries, ponds and other elements of the garden were harmoniously integrated together.

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In the north of Jiashan county, Zhejiang province, Xitang is an ancient town with peaceful and beautiful environment. It features flat terrain, crisscrossed rivers, numerous, bridges, lanes and ceilinged corridors.

Ceilinged corridors are the most special scene in xitang construction. these corridors were originally built to make convenience for the residents trading on boats by the side of the rivers. Each shop has a ceiling over the stone-slate road in front of its own house, and the ceilings connect with one another to form corridors. The longest ceiling stretches 1,300 meters, like a silk belt winding along the river.

Another feature of xitang is the ancient architecture which was well-preserved from the ming and qing dynasty. there are a total of 122 lanes, long and short, wide and narrow. Five of them are longer than 100 meters. among all the lanes, shipi lane is the most famous.

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