Shanghai Museum

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Shanghai museum is a museum with big size collections that is very popular with tourists and citizens. It is a treasure house of Chinese culture, also the symbol and a window showing civilizations and culture of Shanghai. It has a unique architectural form of a round top with a square base that symbolizes the ancient Chinese philosophy of universe of a square earth under round sky. The round roof and the arcs forms a skyline of it and shapes the entire building as a piece of bronze art work from ancient china if one views it with a distance. As a first-class comprehensive artistic museum for many years, its rich and high-quality collection of ancient Chinese bronze, ceramics, painting and calligraphy with high reputation world widely. Shanghai Museum also temporarily promotes some special exhibitions, For example “Ancient Egyptian Art Treasures exhibition””Arts and the Empire-Ausur Kingdon Treasures collected by the British Museum” and so on, the significant exhibitions provided good opportunities to Chinese mass audience to enjoy and study the world magnificent achievement of ancient civilization, It extends warm welcome to the visitors from all over the world and citizens

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

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Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is no doubt your wisest choice if you want to find a place to know the ” yesterday, today, and tomorrow” of shanghai. It’s an important window of shanghai to show itself for outside world with the theme of “city, people, Environment and Development”. There are several display sections such as “hall of famous city” hall of architecture in planning construction” hall of master planning” and so on in which the 700 years’ development history of shanghai is presented by using picture, model and dummy science and technology to show the success of shanghai urban planning and development to people, also build a bridge for communication between government and citizen for letting them know as well as take part in urban planning. Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center also held various top grades, high taste exhibitions successfully, and got a great comment among citizen and tourists such as the Exhibition for Applying shanghai EXPO, “shanghai ‘s tomorrow even better ” in which important project’s schemes were shown,” Russia painting 300 years”, Dali’s Art exhibition, All about F1, Picasso artwork exhibition and so on.

Shanghai City History Museum

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Shanghai City History Museum is set in the level Zero Hall of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. As if entering so-called time tunnel while visiting this exhibition, a scene of old shanghai life is revived. The Old City is a gathering of all kinds. The so-called ” Ten Mils of foreign scene’s is full with dazzle ness. The shikumen alleys are a Chinese building form blended with foreign ones. By viewing three past charming, one could realize the once vivid metropolis of Far East. The total exhibition area of 10.000sq.m is organized in seven sections:” The huating origin” Scenery of old city. A glimpse of the metro-beginning, Ten miles of foreign scene” truces remained of old shanghai” ” Architecture Expo” and the charts, Vehicles and Their Traces”, The scene of past shanghai, its history, its culture, to be appreciated, to be enjoyed is all concentrated here. The exhibition is a little different from traditional ways. The exhibits items are merged into its surroundings and mixed with other Hi-Tech Media as well as wax status, historical relics, instruments, tools, models added on voices, lightings and thus, a complete shanghai old folk environment is fully revived.

Shanghai Railway Museum

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The railway is an important milestone during the evolution of the human civilization. Karl Marx once referred to it as the pioneer of modern industry. The railway in China?formally started itself from Wu Song railway in 1876, has gone through an uneasy period in the old China. After the People’s Republic of China has been founded, the railway is again controlled by the people. Since then, the new railway system has began to develop itself quickly and healthily.
Based on the historical materials and objects as reference, the Railway Museum has demonstrated the development of the railway in Shanghai and East China during the past 100 and more years. By describing the past and present situation of the railway, the museum intends to let people know and be familiar with the railway, obtain some knowledge and concern about the railway.
Add: 200 Tianmu Dong Road, Shanghai
Tel: 021-51221130?51221575
Visiting Hours: 9:00 – 16:30 on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

The Museum of Natural Sciences

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The Museum of Natural Sciences under the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum (the former body is Shanghai Museum of Natural History) was established in 1956. It moved to the current site at No. 260 Yan’an East Road in 1958. Guo Moruo, former president of Chinese Academy of Sciences, made superscription for it. Tan Jiazhen, an academician has served as the curator of the museum.
The museum has 3000 pieces of rare animals specimen in its 3000 square meters exhibiting halls, covering all the species. It is one of the biggest nature sciences museums of the country. There are halls for dinosaurs, paleontology history, palaeoanthropology history, ancient carcass, invertebrate, fish, amphibious animal, reptile, bird, mammal, public science education and gift shops.
With specimen as the convincing evidence, the museum aims to reveal the origin of the nature and its evolving rules, in an effort to popularize science knowledge.
Add: No. 260 Yan’an Dong Road, Shanghai
Tel: 021-63213508
Visiting Hours: 9:00–17:00; Box office open: 9:00–15:30; Closed on Monday
Admission: Adult, 5 yuan; Senior citizens aged over 70, active army members and disabled enjoy free visit with valid ID; Group visit of students (including children at kindergartens) is free, but has to make appointments ahead of time.
Traffic: Metro line 2, etc.

Shanghai Museum of TCM

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Shanghai TCM Museum, the museum of the profound TCM and TCM culture, was opened in the new campus of Shanghai TCM University in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park,  Pudong New Area in October 2004. The museum consists of three parts: the Medical History Museum of Shanghai TCM University/ Chinese Medical Association,  the Specimen Room of Chinese Herbal Medicine and the earliest and currently the largest TCM history museum in China founded in July 1938,  covers more than 14, 000 TCM from the Stone Age to contemporary time and offers an insight into the historical facts and major achievements of TCM development in the last 5, 000 years. In addition,  as the educational base of All-China and Shanghai Municipal Science Popularization,  the Museum plays an important role in understanding TCM history,  publicizing TCM knowledge and promoting international medical exchange. The Specimen Room of Chinese herbal medicine,  founded in 1958,  covers more than 3, 000 items of Chinese herbal medicine and prepared herbal products to illustrate the form and function of Chinese herbal medicine and disseminate the relevant knowledge. The Exhibition Room of the University History,  founded in 2004,  covers more than 700 items involving pictures and objects. It shows the development process of the Shanghai TCM University since its foundation in 1958.
Add: 1200 Cailun Road,  Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park,  Pudong New Area,
Tel: 021-51322710?51322712
Admission: Adult,  15 yuan; visiting groups with more than 10 people,  12 yuan each
Visiting hours:
9:00 – 16:00,  closed every Monday
Traffic: Zhangnan Bus Line,  Tangchuan Bus Line,  Daqiao 5 Bus Line,  Daqiao 6 Bus Line,  Metro Line 2 Zhangjiang Station

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

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Hundreds of millions of people have flocked through the doors of Madame Tussauds since they first opened over 200 years ago and it remains as popular today as it ever was. There are many reasons for this enduring success, the most important reason is the people’s curiosity. Visitors will have an opportunity to take an emotionally journey through the realms of the powerful and famous celebrities.
Admission: Adult,  125 yuan; Senior citizen (65-year-old and plus,  valid ID needed),  75 yuan; Children less than 1.2 meter in height,  75 yuan; Infants and children less than 0.8 meter in height,  free; Visiting group of more than 10 people need to make appointments ahead of time.
Traffic: Metro line 1 and Metro line 2,  People’s Square Station

Add: 10/F,  New World Department Store,  No. 2-26 Nanjing Xi Road

Visiting hours: 10:00a.m.-10:00p.m.; Box office open: 10:00a.m.-9:00p.m.

Tel: 021-63587878

Museum of Oriental Musical Instruments

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Located inside the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the museum has collected and displayed more than 400 instruments. It has 4 parts, the Chinese ancient instruments, the present Chinese instruments, the instruments of China’s minority nationalities and those of the foreign minority nationalities.
The musical instruments of the foreign minority nationalities are from
Korea, India, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Australia and West African countries and regions..
Add: 20 Fenyang Road, Shanghai
Tel: 64370137-2134

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